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Yamaranguila, Intibucá

Community/Comunidad: Lenca


Comunidades Inteligentes - Lenca people of Azacualpa - Honduras,
Internet Society
¡ Un cobro justo por energía electrica ! exigen pobladores de Yamaranguila, Intibucá  1/28/2018 YouTube 

Inauguración CEB Juan Manuel Gálvez en Yamaranguila, Intibucá  9/21/2018 YouTube: "El presidente Juan Orlando Hernández y la primera dama Ana García, inauguraron hoy la ampliación y reparación del imponente CEB Juan Manuel Gálvez y el Jardín de Niños Amílcar Aguilar Claros, ubicado en la aldea de El Carrizal, municipio de Yamaranguila, Intibucá, beneficiando a 600 habitantes."

Escuela “Juan Manuel Gálvez” Yamaranguila, Intibucá 9/19/2018 YouTube: Apoyado por JOH

Las Marías of Azacualpa: Internet for Raising Women’s Voices  8/2/2018 Internet Society: "This first local radio amplified the voices of the women in the community. But “The Marías” knew that they could strengthen their messages – and the Internet was the key. “Having Internet will allow us to better prepare our radio programs as we will have more information from around the world and we will also be able to share what we do with other people,” says María Guadalupe, one of the first to access Internet in the community. She also shared that she was a little scared when she saw one of her colleagues on the screen during a video call."

How the Lenca Are Restoring the Past to Build Their Future  4/5/2018 Internet Society: "This is the story of Lenca people of Azacualpa, an Indigenous community of Yamaranguila in Intibucá, Honduras. In June 2017 they decided to start their relationship with technology by creating Radio Azacualpa, a radio station run by women… In 2018, the Lenca decided to take a big step forward and started the “Comunidades Inteligentes”, a project led by Red De Desarrollo Sostenible (RDS) in partnership with the Internet Society Honduras Chapter and supported by Beyond the Net Funding Programme. Comunidades Inteligentes aims to establish a Community Network with free Wifi and to connect 300 families with the rest of world."

Radio Azacualpa Opens Its Doors in Honduras  9/12/2017 Cultural Survival: "We asked the men if they were bothered that the the radio has the slogan "The Voice of the Women". Many responded that it was not a problem, and that they were willing to support the radio because they felt it came from the community. They were happy to support the women in this initiative to overcome gender barriers, since one of the problems faced by women are their insecurities due to the lack of opportunities locally. The women of Azacualpa, like many Indigenous women have a double work day--after working in the fields with their husbands, they have to attend to domestic work and take care of their families as mothers and wives."

Fnrp Intibuca, Yamaranguila Resumen campecinos capturados.  11/24/2010 YouTube: "Eventos realizados el 20 y 21 de Noviembre por el Frente Nacional de Resistencia Popular Intibuca."

The Indigenous Speak Out  9/30/1994 Envio: "Six of Honduras' seven original ethnic groups participated in the indigenous pilgrimage that shook Tegucigalpa in July. The pilgrimage began in different parts of the country, and as it wove towards the capital it awoke the sympathy, curiosity and suspicion of Hondurans along the way. It represents a historical step of unity among the Lenca, Tolupán, Miskito, Tawahka, Pech and Garífuna peoples, to express their reality, needs and proposals for change in a coordinated way to the white and mestizo population and the Honduran government. The 72 demands the indigenous demonstrators brought to Tegucigalpa emerged from specific struggles of each ethnic group… The impetus for the march began in the west of the country (the departments of Intibucá, La Paz and Lempira), home to the Lencas, some 90,000 people. The Lencas' situation captured national attention in 1993, when various cases of death from acute malnutrition were diagnosed in Yamaranguila. "We decided to join the pilgrimage because we want to propose long term solutions. We want political changes and participation in decision making. It's not enough that food is donated to us," said a young Lenca leader."


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