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Costa Miskita, Gracias a Dios

Organizacion depredadora/predator: busceo industrial de Roatan/industrial fishing fleet based in Roatan



La flota pesquera industrial, destrucción de la biodiversidad y etnocidio de buzos Miskitos  7/29/2019 OFRANEH: "El reciente naufragio de dos barcos pesqueros en menos de 24 horas en la Moskitia, tuvo como resultado el fallecimiento de 27 personas y ocho desparecidos, siendo este pavoroso percance, uno más en la cadena de fallecimientos como consecuencia del buceo con tanque, impulsado por la flota pesquera industrial radicada su mayoría en las isla de Roatán."

On Nicaragua's Mosquito Coast, conflict over indigenous land turns violent  4/27/2017 Reuters: "According to CEJUDHCAN, a human rights organisation that works with indigenous communities, conflict over land has left 32 Miskito dead and 66 missing or injured since 2012. However mounting evidence of unscrupulous land sales by Miskito leaders themselves suggest a more complex root to the escalating violence."

Honduran Miskitos Caught in Anti-Narcotics Crossfire  6/9/2012 Repeating Islands 

Death in Miskitia Land and the Search for Justice  5/28/2012 COHA: "On May 11, death came to the Miskitia from U.S. State Department-owned helicopters manned by contract Guatemalan pilots, members of a special Honduran Police Unit, along with U.S. DEA agents. Reports concerning the botched anti-narcotics operation barely survived three news cycles before expiring in the face of an indifferent public. During week one, a number of initial news reports (with the notable exception of the coverage by the Huffington Post) offered a defaming criminal profile of the local Miskito population using anonymous “official” U.S. government sources. During week two, when the voice of the Miskito community was beginning to be heard more clearly, some news reports offered a more humanized version of the people of Ahuas and surrounding villages. By May 17, the question of U.S. accountability began to lose steam when State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland deferred the responsibility of carrying out an investigation to the notoriously corrupt Honduran authorities. Despite the current paucity of news about this incident, the struggle for justice in the Miskitia continues."





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