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Tornabé, Atlántida

Organizacion depredadora/predator: Indura Resort

Defensores: OFRANEH


Bahía de Tela: el tercer destierro
Bahía de Tela: el tercer destierro 8/19/2015 Jesuits

Foreigners and government of Juan Orlando Hernández want to dispossess lands of Garífunas  9/14/2019 Amandala, Belize: "Behind the tourism projects where the marriage of foreign capital and the country’s elites merge, the rights of the Garifuna people are in constant danger, which are intended to be guaranteed by using the armed bodies of the State of Honduras to contain their defense. In Garífuna territory they have built a millionaire hotel complex and luxury golf courses, one of them the “Indura Hotel” that belongs to the Hilton “Curio Collection”; built on threats, harassment and human rights abuses of 157,000 Garifuna families, depriving them of their ancestral and agricultural lands, located in Barra Vieja, Cayo Santa Marta, located in Tornabé, department of Atlántida."

Tela y sus comunidades garífunas, herencia cultural de Honduras  8/31/2019 La Prensa: "A lo largo de la bahía de Tela, en el departamento de Atlántida, se encuentran varias comunidades garífunas que mantienen intacta su cultura y tradiciones. De oeste a este visitamos Triunfo de la Cruz, La Ensenada, Miami, Tornabé y San Juan. En cada una de ellas se encuentra exquisita gastronomía, bailes típicos como la punta y yancunú, bebidas, rituales, idioma, peculiar vestimenta y debido a su ubicación, los nacionales y extranjeros disfrutan de sus bellas playas de arena blanca y aguas cristalinas."

Ballet Nacional Folklórico Garífuna en Tornabé, Tela Atlántida 2019  5/19/2019 Gobierno de Honduras: "El Ballet Nacional Folklórico Garífuna dijo presente a la Feria Patronal en en honor al Santo Patrón San Isidro Labrador de la comunidad garífuna de Tornabe, Tela, Atlántida. En las fechas comprendidas del viernes 17 de mayo, dicho grupo artístico formó parte de la noche cultural y el día domingo 19 de mayo estuvo presente en la competencia de danza garífuna, con un espectacular cierre de la feria."

Workshops with Garifuna Women in Tornabe, Tela, Honduras  5/1/2019 Friends Peace Team: "The members of the group expressed their wish that other women in their organization would also receive the AVP. The women of Free Butterflies who have already attended the workshops have encouraged others to participate in the workshops. In the community there are relations marked by violence, especially domestic violence, sexual violence and normalized psychological violence through ridicule and delegitimization of one another. In the context of violence and deepening of poverty, we have found that several members of the group have left on the caravans of migrants and others relatives have paid people to take them to the United States. This fact has affected the group so that for them this workshop came at a good time to help strengthen their sense of community and belonging to the organization."

Garífuna People Face Tourism Repression in Honduras  9/19/2016 Wilder Utopia: "In September, 2016, the Court in Tela, Honduras, issued a not guilty ruling in favor of the Caribbean Coast Garífuna community of Barra Vieja, which is being harassed by the Indura Hilton, by means of the National Port Company and the Honduran Institute of Tourism. The trial against the leadership of Barra Vieja took place after 64 members of the community were put on trial in June of last year. The court declared them innocent of the crime of seizure of property."

Workshops start in Tornabe, Honduras, with Garifuna community  9/16/2015 Friends Peace Team: "This summer, Honduran facilitators started working with a new group of participants in the Garifuna town of Tornabe on the western coast of Honduras."

Bahía de Tela: el tercer destierro  8/19/2015 Jesuits: "This toolkit is intended to accompany the Bahía de Tela: El tercer destierro documentary to promote further learning, discussion, and action. You may find the documentary online at"

Turning Points in Tela: Garifuna Reformulations of Participatory Tourism Development in Northern Honduras  5/1/2015 Semantic Scholar: "To the community of Tornabé – especially Andrea, Salma, and Rocío – who shared so much with me and were generous with their time."


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