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Los Rosenthal

Jaime Rolando Rosenthal Oliva, vice president Jan 1986 -  Jan 1990, specially designated drug trafficker according to the US

Yankel Rosenthal, a former minister of investment under President Juan Orlando Hernandez and a cousin of Jaime.

Yani Rosenthal, son of Jaime and sentenced for working with Los Cachiros.


How Elites and Narcos Do Business, Politics in Honduras  10/9/2019 Insight Crime: "But then the relationship deepened much more than Jaime had explained in the interview. In 2009, the prosecutor says, Jaime transferred a parcel of land to CW-1 (Confidential Witness One.) CW-1 was presumably either the oldest brother, Javier, the middle brother, Devis, or their younger brother, Santos Isidro. The three made up the core of the Cachiros. By then, all three had turned themselves in to US authorities and had become cooperating witnesses in numerous cases, including the one against the Rosenthals. In return for the land, Jaime expected to get “below-market rate” prices for the cows the Rivera Maradiaga family were selling to them, the US prosecutor says in the exhibit. This was not a small deal — the Rosenthal family were one of the largest meat and dairy providers in Honduras during this time period."

Narco-Politics Cast Shadow on Honduran Presidents: Court Documents  6/1/2019 Insight Crime: "Prosecutors also named President Hernández as a target in a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) investigation that started in 2013, a separate recently unsealed filing shows. Hernández, his sister Hilda, and several members of Honduras’ powerful Rosenthal family were under investigation for “large scale drug-trafficking and money laundering activities related to the importation of cocaine into the United States,” according to the 2015 filing that was unsealed this week in a New York federal court. In Honduras, meanwhile, Hernández’s predecessor, Porfirio “Pepe” Lobo Sosa, has been accused of directing government funds to fraudulent business deals with a Cachiros-owned construction firm."

Honduran politician pleads guilty to U.S. money laundering charge  7/25/2017 Reuters: "Rosenthal was charged in October 2015 along with his father, Jaime Rosenthal, a former vice president of Honduras, his cousin, Yankel Rosenthal, a former minister of investment under current Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez; and Andres Acosta Garcia, a lawyer for Grupo Continental. Prosecutors have said that the four men engaged in a multi-year scheme to launder proceeds of narcotics trafficking and bribery offenses through accounts located in the United States."

La captura del mega empresario hondureño crea un terremoto  7/14/2017 Noti Bomba: "Los Rosenthal tenían tanto poder que jamás vieron venir su caída. Quizás no vieron las señales de los planes de Estados Unidos para el Norte de Centroamérica: Guatemala, Honduras y El Salvador. Después de la crisis de niños migrantes que llegaban a sus fronteras –y la vergüenza mundial que representan videos en los que los detienen y no los dejan entrar–, Estados Unidos parece dispuesto a invertir pero después de limpiar los Estados, la política y la economía en estos tres países. En Guatemala encontró un aliado en la Comisión Internacional Contra la Impunidad (CICIG) y financia el 40% de su presupuesto. Es el instrumento, coinciden los donantes europeos, más efectivo para combatir las mafias de corrupción e impunidad enquistadas en el Estado. En Honduras, parecen dispuestos a romper lazos históricos con grandes empresarios. Esto porque el Plan Alianza para la Prosperidad fue lanzado en Honduras en un complejo turístico en el que los Rosenthal tienen acciones, el Indura Beach and Golf Resort. Junto a Scott Nathan, llegado desde Washington del Departamento de Estado."

Honduras Kingpin Accused by US Will Turn Himself In: Reports  10/18/2016 Insight Crime: "Within months of the Cachiros’ surrender, the United States brought drug trafficking and money laundering charges against members of one of Honduras’ wealthiest and most politically powerful families, the Rosenthals, who were linked to the Cachiros’ operations."

La captura del megaempresario hondureño empieza un terremoto  11/7/2015 Nomada, Guatemala: "Para los políticos porque junto con quien fue el capo de los Cachiros –los narcos que lavaban dinero en el banco de los Rosenthal– también temblaba el presidente hondureño, conocido por el acrónimo JOH."

Did Yani Rosenthal Surrender in Honduras Elite Case?  11/3/2015 Insight Crime: "Secondly, Yani’s decision may be so as to protect the Rosenthals' conglomerate, Grupo Continental, one of Honduras’s largest economic groups. The US indictment was released at the same time as the US Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) added three Rosenthals and seven of their businesses to the “Kingpin List,” effectively embargoing all business dealings with the family. While there are no open investigations against the Rosenthals in Honduras, Honduran officials have seized at least 16 of the family’s assets. The government has also closed the Rosenthal’s Banco Continental. Liquidation of the bank has been a major financial hit for the both the family and ordinary Honduran citizens."

La caída de los Rosenthal, el poderoso clan hondureño acusado de lavado de dinero y narcotráfico  10/14/2015 BBC Mundo: "Como una de las familias más ricas e influyentes de Honduras, los Rosenthal estaban acostumbrados a ocupar importantes puestos de gobierno y su apellido figuraba regularmente entre los aspirantes a la presidencia. Pero en lugar de pelear por la máxima magistratura sus energías ahora están puestas en tratar de evitar una cárcel en Estados Unidos, país que les acusa de haber estado lavando dinero proveniente del narcotráfico durante al menos diez años."

US Releases Indictment Against Honduras Business Behemoth  10/7/2015 Insight Crime: "The US Treasury Department simultaneously named the three Rosenthals as "Specially Designated Narcotics Traffickers," and added the family bank, meat packing plant and investment arm, among other businesses, to its "Specially Designated Nationals" (SDN) list, which prohibits others from doing business with these companies or face sanctions."

El empresario que quiere un Honduras de ricos  6/30/2014 Forbes: "Otra de las apuestas de Jaime Rosenthal está en el sector turístico con una participación minoritaria en Indura Beach & Golf Resort, en el Puerto de Tela, al norte de Honduras, que a través de su empresa Promociones y Turismo es propietaria de una gran cantidad de tierras vecinas al proyecto Indura."

Open Letter from President José Manuel Zelaya Rosales in Relation to the Jewish Community in Honduras  10/5/2009 NarcoNews: "It would be worthwhile to consult the Government Secretaries of my cabinet about the accusations that I have anti-Semitic positions. When the Honduran people elected me President, I received criticism from some anti-Semites, because I named, among other religions, some very talented and qualified Hondurans who practice Judaism, as members of the Government Cabinet. I named as Government Secretary in the Offices of the Presidency, the one who would be my right hand in the government, Yani Benjamin Rosenthal; who gave me strong support in managing the Economic sector, this close collaborator invited me to the Bat Mitzvah ceremony of his daughter. I also named Mr. Leo Starkman as Minister of Foreign Investment and on another occasion, Minister of Energy. I also named Engineer Moises Starkman as Minister in charge of Bio-Fuels. He reminded me on one occasion of the suffering of the Jewish people in the Nazi concentration camps. This close collaborator also informed me of the significance of the expression Shabat Shalom, a greeting used by Jews to honor their sacred day of the week. Also in my government I named Mr. Jacobo Regalado Weitzembluth General Manager of the telecommunications company."

History Repeats Itself in Honduras - Banana Workers Unions Apply Lessons of 1954 General Strike to Coup Resistance  9/14/2009 NarcoNews: "As for other kinds of replacement, Nuñez announced that many of the banana plantations in the vicinity of La Lima had been replanted with African palms, which produce palm oil and biodiesel. University of California professor Dana Frank, well – known by all at COSIBAH, offers one explanation for the proliferation of the African palm in her book Bananeras: Women Transforming the Banana Unions of Latin America. According to Frank, banana corporations like Chiquita took advantage of the destruction of the majority of the Honduran banana plantations by Hurricane Mitch in 1998 to withdraw from plantations that had workers’ unions or else replant them with African palms, which require less of a work force and thus presumably generate fewer workers’ demands. Other objectives of African palm proliferation were suggested by Nuñez, one of them being the expropriation of land from small farmers who had been encouraged to convert to the crop and then gone bankrupt due to increased Asian production of palms and their diminishing market price. Nuñez listed Honduran politician and businessman Jaime Rosenthal as an example of someone who might end up in possession of the expropriated land and proceeded to list other things already in the Rosenthal family’s possession, such as banks, crocodiles, the newspaper El Tiempo, and the Marathon soccer team – which, he added mischievously, workplace safety coordinator Gloria García avidly supported."

Honduran Government Representative Threatens San Juan Community President  10/2/2006 Global Exchange: "Vice Minister Suazo arrived in the evening at the house of Jessica García, where the President was speaking with Yolanda Lambert, another member of the community Patronato. Suazo pointed out that only a few days before he had spoken with members of the Rosenthal family, who had expressed the need to come to an agreement in private with members of the Patronato, so that the community cease to reclaim Nuevo San Juan, part of the community's ancestral lands being claimed by powerful businessman and politician Jaime Rosenthal… It confuses us that under the so-called Government of Citizens' Power, the situation begins to replicate that of the massacre of 1937. Over the past few months, we have lived through the February 26 murder of community youth Epson Andrés Castillo and Yino Eligio López by agents of the armed forces assigned to protect the planned construction site of the Los Micos Beach & Golf Resort, numerous threats to our Patronato president Jessica García, and the recent murder of young Mirna Isabel Santos. ...It is lamentable that Vice Minister Suazo, considered a prestigious Garifuna intellectual by many, has allowed himself to become a spokesperson for the most reactionary wing of the Liberal Party instead of defending the interests of his People. But it is not the first time that he has represented the interests of the Honduran oligarchy."




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