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Juramento con Nissan 
From the left: Victor Zelaya, Merlyn Garcia, Marine Osorio, Domingo Arzu,
Felicito Nuñez, Edgarto Ortiz, Raul Witty, Isela Menendez, Magno David, Milton Nuñez.
A Secret Swearing In:
A New Illegal Patronato for Sambo Creek, 17/2/2020

The swearing in of the second illegal Patronato of Sambo Creek allegedly occurred on February 17, the same day it was published on Facebook. It was done in total secrecy, with only the members of the slate illegally chosen, together with Mayor Dr. Jerry Sabio as the maximum representative of the municipality of La Ceiba and representatives of the Patronage Registration Department.

It is notable that until today, February 22, this swearing in has not been published anywhere else other than the Facebook page of the Comite de Deporte de Sambo Creek, an organization sponsored by a local Jutiapa entrepreneur, Victor Zelaya, who has supported the two illegal Patronato and fed the Military Police when they came to repress he town with live shot in 2017. An early version of the photos of the swearing in includes Victor Zelaya in the Patronato but they deleted him in the final versions of the photos. They say that he took the place of Yamilet Escobar in the position of secretary of relations and is part of the Patronato.

From the Department of Inscription of Patronatos, Luz Marina Rodriguez was present, she works for Carlos Aguilar Ponce, nationalist ex-mayor of La Ceiba hated by most of the population for having driven the city to bankruptcy. He has interests with the nationalist deputy Fito Irias in the thermoelectric plant La Ensenada,, a disaster in its construction and in its environmental planning, which will destroy Corozal and Sambo Creek without producing the energy required by Atlantida, Yoro, and Colón. Carlos Aguilar continues as the alderman of La Ceiba, and his responsibilities include the Department of Inscription of Patronatos.

Anuncio del juramentoLuz Marina Rodriguez met on January 22, 2020 with a lawyer from the Board of Enrollment Department and with the Sambo Creek legal slate, elected in a legal assembly. She and the lawyer promised that the Patronato elections would be held again after making a community assembly and that they would be the mediators so that this could be resolved with transparency. It should be noted that on this same day, January 22, the lawyer of the municipality who is supposed to know the rules of the law, spoke about this verbally. The aforementioned lawyer categorically stated that we will forget about the ILO Convention 169, to which Honduras is a signatory and from which it has received funds. This is something we do not accept; we are disturbed by the intrusion of the municipality for not doing the work as they should. This fraud came about from the beginning because their interests are to continue being financed by the La Ensenada thermoelectric park. interests that are permanent as are their interests in the waters of the Cuyamel River in Sambo, and our commitment as natives of the community is to preserve the ancestral legacy.

It should be noted that the predecessor Patronato was also fraudulently registered, and the same actors from the past scene were also those who are recognized by the municipality now. They forgot to listen to the assembly, because due to the hidden and unapproved negotiations, they did not proceed to do what was agreed, they falsified documents both times to justify the false registration.

Already in this second fraud the municipality had access to this group at its disposal to be able to justify its repeated fraud. It should be noted that when we requested the determination by the municipal observers, they repeatedly denied it and responded that the report should be requested in writing. But as we already knew from the changes given at each visit, we were sure that the disemblance was because they already they had been chosen by the municipality, to register them ina surpise move as a group that the predecessor fraudulent patronage had appointed to continue controlling the community and not present any kind of opposition. This is not new, nor are the scams of the first alderman Carlos Alejandro Aguilar and the honorable Deputy Rodolfo Irias Navas.

A report was given to Mr. Mayor Jerry Sabio, who explained that he was only administering an oath, that the determination was in community development, which is controlled by the predators Carlos Aguilar and Fito Irias Navas.
Everyone looks on with a funeral face, not a smile. It was a tragic moment for La Ceiba and for the Garinagu communities, now promised to destruction. The 8,000 inhabitants of Sambo and the 10,000 of Corozal will have to flee, most likely to the US. It is an act of genocide in development.

We can recall the massacre of San Juan where various garifuna people participated in killing other garifuna alongside the National Party: LA MASACRE DE GARÍFUNAS EN SAN JUAN EN TELA, 1937  10/20/2018 El Pulso

-- Mike Perez, 22/2/2020

Juramento con Jerry Ssabio Juramento
Center: Luz Marina works for Carlos Aguilar Ponce in the Departamento de Inscripcion de
Patronato. To the right in a white shirt: the mayor of La Ceiba, Dr. Jerry Sabio.
From the left: Raul Witty, Domingo Arzu, Felicito Nunez, Milton Nunez, Merlyn Garia, Isela Melendez, Edgardo Ortiz, Karina Nunez, y un desconocido.
Juramento Juramento 
From the left: Luz Marina Rodriguez, followed by another worker in Carlos Aguilar's Departamento de Inscripcion de Patronato, Dr Jerry Sabio, y Magno David. From the left: Luz Marina Rodriguez, followed by another worker in Carlos Aguilar en el Departamento de Inscripcion de Patronato, and Dr Jerry Sabio.
 Juramento Juramento 
From the left: Raul Witty, Domingo Arzu, Felicito Nuñez, Milton Nuñez, Merlyn Garia, and Marine Osorio, owner of the Club Maburu where an attempt was made on the life of Omar Suazo,president of the patronato from 2009-2017. From the left: Raul Witty, Domingo Arzu, Felicito Nunez, Milton Nunez, Merlyn Garia, Marine Osorio, Isela Melendez, Luz Marina. Arriba Edgardo Ortiz.





Sambo Creek 


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